Booth construction and exhibition stand from E.E.C. close to Cologne and Düsseldorf

Founded 1997
Location Leverkusen
Distance to „Messe Köln“ 20 km
Distance to „Messe Düsseldorf“ 40 km


Given to the short distances to Messe Köln and Düsseldorf our main activities concentrate on these locations. But of course we are able to build exhibition stands in all other West European cities as well. Because of our extensive expertise in exhibition design and construction we have accumulated a successful pool of all necessary craftsmen.

This pool consists of among others:

  • finish carpenters/cabinet makers
  • mechanics
  • electricians
  • painters
  • graphic designers
  • multimedia companies
  • carpet, woodfloor and laminate installers
  • rental furniture companies
  • etc.

This experience and expertise allow us to build in a very cost effective way and with the highest standard of workmanship.